New Federal Minimum Motor Efficiency Regulations

Efficiency Level Requirements in effect December 2010

READING ELECTRIC, a leading supplier of electro-mechanical equipment, services, and problem solver for Industrial and Commercial customers for over 50 years provides technical information to the Region’s Residential, Commercial and Industrial Community.  This Bulletin provides information on the new Federal mandates for minimum motor efficiency levels in effect as of December 2010.


In December, 2007 the Energy Independence and Security Act was signed into law.  This new law includes mandatory efficiency levels for electric motors manufactured or imported into the United States, and is effective December 19, 2010.  This law increases the mandatory efficiency levels from the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) ‘energy-efficient’ levels to the NEMA Premium Efficiency levels for motor ranges of 1 – 200 hp. Note: Fire Pump motors are exempt from this new law.


Additionally, the law sets energy efficient levels (to MGl, Table 12-11) for motors 1 -200 hp that were not covered previously, including:

- U-Frame Motors                       - Close-coupled pump motors

- Footless Motors                        - 8-pole motors (900 rpm)

- Design B motors                      - Vertical solid shaft normal

   >200 hp but < 500 hp                thrust motors

- Design C Motors                       - Polyphase motors < 600 volts

A provision for a tax incentive was not included in the final bill when signed into law in December 2007. However, a tax incentive provision has been included in the 2007 Farm Bill.  The Farm Bill had not yet been acted upon by Congress as of this date.  (Information provide courtesy of EASA)

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